Meet the dental team at Peacock & Shrestha

All our staff are registered with GDC (General Dental Council). The whole dental team keep up with their CPD (continual Professional Development) to continually increase their knowledge and keep up to date techniques in all aspects of dentistry.

Mr. Andrew Peacock (61885) Contract Holder
Mrs. Rekha Shrestha (79031) Contract Holder
Mr. D Mark Fletcher (63971)
Mr. Ioannis Kouvaras (261586) 
Mr. Iosif Zafeiropoulos (266014) 
Dental Hygienists
Miss J Winders (4930)
Mrs A Mann (1918)
Miss M Rose (6056)
Mrs D.Kitson (2722)
Dental Nurses
Mrs A Lee (130378)
Mrs S Akinseloyin (109354)
Miss L Sedgwick (130377)
Miss J Coldham (205816)
Miss N Clark (266593)
Miss E.Johnston (270045)
Miss A Turner (266019)
Miss E Bowditch
Practice Manager
Mrs E Richardson


Mrs. J. Cocker
Mrs. D. Knights
Mrs. L. Lloyd
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